The American Council on Rural Special Education (ACRES) holds a national conference in Spring of each year. This conference features peer-reviewed presentations, meetings of the ACRES Board of Directors, a business meeting with a report of activities to the membership, and a conference proceedings document.

Annual Conference 2017

36th Annual ACRES National Conference

City Meets Country: Educators Working
to Solve the Challenges of Special Education

2017 Presentations

Kelly Anderson, Jane Diane Smith
Looking for a Needle in a Haystack
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Melinda Jones Ault, Margaret E. Bausch, Ginevra Courtade
An Evaluation of Remote Observation Cameras for Supervising Teacher Candidates
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Mark D. Butler
The Changing Nature of Teacher Preparation: Legislature, Accreditation, and Rural Special Education
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Samantha L. Cleaver
Evidence-Based Pins: How to Use Pinterest to Advocate for Evidence-Based Practices
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Wendi Dunham
Demonstrated Stress in Low Socioeconomic Rural Parents of Children with ASD: Collaboration and Improved Supports
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Karen Hager-Martinez, Melina Alexander
Transition from Face-to-Face to Blended COurse Delivery: Critical Considerations
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Nancy Mamlin, Jennifer Diliberto, Kalin Stewart
Facing the Special Education Teacher Shortage: Growing Your Own Teachers
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Lee Mason
Training Texas Special Educators in ABA via Distance PBL
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Robert C. Pennington
Using Technology to Build Writing Repertoires for Students with Intellectual Disability & Autism Spectrum Disorder
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David Peyton, Daisy Pua
Targeting the Teacher Education Reform Process: Examining A Special Education Preservice Program Improvement Grant
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Raising the Bar on Teacher Preparation: validating the Pre-service Observation Instrument for Special Education
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Corey Pierce
Examining Behavioral Rating Differences Between Children With and Without EBD in Rural and Urban Schools
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Harvey Rude
Every Student Succeeds Act: Challenges and Opportunities for Rural Educators
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Preparing Special Education Personnel For Advocacy Roles
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March 8-11, 2017 at the Crown Plaza Resort Asheville
in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

Information about how to submit a proposal, registration fees, hotel reservations, and a preliminary schedule will be posted in the side bar on this page as soon as available.

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Recent Annual Conferences

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March 19-22, 2014 in Tucson, Arizona
March 17-6-9, 2013 in Orlando, Florida
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