Why Donate to ACRES?

Would you like to do something more to support the work of ACRES? Why not consider making a donation to ACRES to further our efforts to disseminate new information about rural education and provide support for educators and service providers in rural communities?

ACRES is a non-profit professional organization registered in the State of Utah. All donations will be recognized with a formal written acknowledgement for your records. We recommend you check with your accountant or tax preparer to determine whether and how your donation may be counted as a tax-deductible contribution.

What will a Donation to ACRES Accomplish?

ACRES will use your money to fund activities such as complimentary memberships for targeted populations, special conference events, new monographs or other special publications, student scholarships, and advocacy efforts.

If you like, you may designate specific activities on the donor information form to be sure your money is used for the projects that are most important to you. ACRES will use the money to support the activities you designate consistent with its mission and purpose.

You may also want to use your donation to honor someone you love by providing the person’s name on the donor information form. ACRES will be happy to acknowledge this individual in the activity (such as John Smith Turner Memorial Lecture or Jenny Jones Memorial Scholarship) so that others know what made him or her deserving of such recognition.